Ezi Wall


The Ezi Wall system is one of the lightest segmental wall systems available. It only requires minimal foundation preparation, so that walls can be easily constructed using the unique interlocking system creating a straight or curved bends turning either way.

  • Suitable for low freestanding or retaining walls, garden edging or beds, tree wells or decorative features
  • Natural split-faced texture on the front and back of the block (similar finish to the Border Stone)
  • Colours avaliable are Sandstone, Rockface and Granite
  • Tight interlock between the blocks which allows them to be stacked vertically for straight, concave or convex curved walls up to 500mm high*
  • Capping Stone avaliable for top layer for smooth finish
  • Requires only 7 units per lineal metre or 57 units per square meter
  • Dimensions 160mm x 140mm x 125mm

* this depends on existing ground surface and soil conditions